Flat Tarps

Available in Cuben Fiber and Silnylon

Flat Tarps

Flat Tarp Set Up Video

Flat Tarp Tent Set Up Video
Silnylon Tarps
Silnylon Tarps Special Colors
Gray Cuben Tarps
.51 or .74 Cuben
Olive Cuben Tarps
.51 or .74 Cuben
Tarp Additions


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tarp_16   tarp_17   tarp dimensions
cuben gray   Cuben Gray olive drab   Cuben Olive Drab

Standard Silnylon Colors

gray Gray   blaze orange Blaze
royal blue Royal
d flirage green Dark
kelly green Kelly
d light coyote brown Light
gold Gold    olive brown Olive




    Comes in many standard sizes in silnylon and cuben fiber. Custom sizes available (contact us).
    We prefer the length to be 10' to give plenty of weather protection, but we can do any length that you desire.
    Can be set up in a variety of ways from traditional tarp to low canopy tent.
    Tarps have numerous web points to assist in different configurations (see dimensions in specification drawing above).
    We can add more web points if needed. Just contact us to let us know your needs.
    We can also make custom sizes and shapes.
    You can add "wings" on the front and rear to add additional coverage or serve as doors.
    Can be used with sleeping bag bivies and/or bug shelters.
    Use trekking poles (not included) and/or guy lines for a variety of supports (not included).
    Extremely lightweight and compact for storage.
    No grommets to rust or loosen. Poles interlock within the attached webbings for a secure setup.
  Sleeps: 1 to 4
Seasons: 3 to 4

Standard Sizes
(See diagram above)

Weight (Silnylon)
  • 10'x12': 24 oz.
  • 10'x10': 19 oz.
  • 9'x10': 18 oz.
  • 9'x9': 17 oz.
  • 8'x10': 15 oz.
  • 8'x9': 14 oz.
  • 6.5'x10': 12 oz.
  • 6.5'x9': 11 oz.
  • 5'x9': 7 oz.

  • Weight (.74oz Cuben)
  • 9'x10': 9.5 oz.
  • 9'x9': 8 oz.
  • 8'x10': 8.5 oz.
  • 8'x9': 8 oz.
  • 6.5'x10': 7 oz.
  • 6.5'x9': 6.5 oz.
  • 4.5'x9': 4 oz.

  • Materials
  • Standard 30D
        1.35 oz silicone-coated nylon
  • Cuben Fiber
        .74 oz cuben gray or olive green
        .51 oz cuben gray or olive green

  • Included with Tarp
  • Tarp
  • Stuff sack

  • Optional Accessories
  • Stakes