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Silnylon and Cuben Fiber

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PyraTent in New Zealand Storm

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The PyraTent sleeps up to 2 people with some gear or 1 person with a lot of gear. The zipper is located on the short side (80") of the tent so that campers do not have to climb over each other. Available in 30d silnylon and .74 oz cuben. The PyranTent can be lowered or raised depending on the weather conditions and ventilation needs. It uses a pre-made pole, trekking pole with pole jack extension, or can be hung from a tree limb.

It features a closable vent in the rear panel (shown located in the front panel in the picture) and an optional stove jack (sold separately) to be used with a stove. The stove jack is normally installed in one of the side panels near the peak, but it can be installed in the front panel above the zipper. Due to the low melting point of cuben fiber, we highly do not recommend the addition of a stove jack in conjunction with cuben fiber products. We will not install stove jacks on cuben fiber tents.

The PyraTent is also available with perimeter netting and perimeter netting/single net door combination. A sod/snow skirt is available for extremely cold and/or wet weather. You can also get a sewn-in floor or bathtub floor (contact us for more information.) For normal pitching, it uses 8 Line-locs 3 along the perimeter and 3 panel ties. Eight additional webbing ties are located along the perimeter for extreme weather tie down. Cordage and stuff sack are included.

All major seams are sealed.

The PyraTent uses any of our net tents designed specifically for the PyraTent.

Standard Sizes
  • 80"(L) x 106"(D) x 54" to 58"(H)

    Approximate Weights:
  • PyraTent: 24 oz. Silnylon
  • PyraTent: 16 oz. .74 Cuben

  • Additional Photos

    Pratent dimensions
    PyraTent Dimensions



    Rear Drawstring Vent

    Perimeter Netting

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