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AT 1 and 2


AT 1 Tent Set Up Video
AT 2 Tent Set Up Video

AT 1 and 2 Tent
AT 1 and 2 Additions

The AT tent comes in 1 and 2 person models. Available in 30d silnylon. Both AT models can be lowered or raised depending on the weather conditions and ventilation needs. You can get both the AT 1 and AT 2 with a standard hanging bathtub floor for more ventilation or a wall-wall bathtub floor for complete side enclosure. The floor is available in 30d or 70d silnylon.

Both models use a two pole system to maximize the living space. Trekking poles or pre-made poles can be used. The peaks can also be hung from tree limbs.

Both models have noseeum in the rear (no zipper but an optional zipper can be added for gear access) and in the front zippered entrance. The front vestibule has a zipper and peak vent for ventilation. The rear vent/vestibule does not have a zipper. Both models offer complete rain and bug protection.

All major seams are sealed. Both models require 8 stakes for setup. Additional stake outs are attached for additonal security in extreme weather. Cordage and stuff sack are included.

Standard Sizes
See dimension drawings in Additional Photos.

Approximate Weights:
  • AT 1: 22 oz. 30d Silnylon Floor
  • AT 1: 25 oz. 70d Silnylon Floor
  • AT 2: 30 oz. 30d Silnylon Floor
  • AT 2: 35 oz. 70d Silnylon Floor

  • Additional Photos

    AT 1 dimensions
    AT 1 Dimensions

    AT 1

    Wall-to-Wall Floor

    Hanging Floor

    AT 2 dimensions
    AT 2 Dimensions

    Rear Vent

    Front Vent/Vestibule

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