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Canopy Tents
1 and 2 Person
Silnylon and Cuben Fiber

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The Canopy Tent comes in two standard sizes: one person and two person. Custom sizes are available. It has a catenary cut ridgeline. Available in 30d silnylon, .51 oz cuben, and .74 oz cuben. 8.5" length plus rear beak for plenty of protection from the weather. The standard rear beak extends about 28". The standard front beaks extends about 12". Single-wall floating canopy design allows adjustment for ventilation around canopy perimeter. Canopy can be lowered or raised depending on the weather conditions and ventilation needs.

Also available with optional zippered front vestibule and vent and with optional extended rear vestibule (no zipper and no vent) for full coverage. If you want a rear zippered vestibule, then you need to order a second front zippered vestibule that will be put on the rear of the canopy tent.

An optional clipped-in vestibule is available that can be removed or attached in seconds for excellent weather protection and extra storage area. The clipped-in vestibule can be added to the front or rear of the canopy tent. Unless instructed otherwise, we normally add the clipped-in vestibule to the front of the canopy tent when you order one vestibule. If you order two clipped-in vestibule, we will do the front and rear of the canopy tent.

The Canopy Tent can be set up with trekking poles (not included), can be hung from trees with outside loops, or setup using pre-made Easton Shock-Cord Poles. It has exterior pull out loops on each side panel (2 per side panel) and inside loops for hanging net tents. The perimeter guide outs use Line-loc 3 adjustments. Cordage and stuff sack are included.

We can also do custom sizes (just contact us.) All major seams are sealed.

Our Net 1, 1.5, and 2, our Minimalist 1, and our Canopy 2 Net can be used under the Canopy 2 Tent. Our Net 1 and Minimalist 1 can be use under the Canopy 1 Tent.

Standard Sizes
  • Canopy 1: 56"(W) x 102"(L)
        + rear vestibule
  • Canopy 2: 74"(W) x 102"(L)
        + rear vestibule

  • Approximate Weights:
  • Canopy 1: 13 oz. Silnylon
  • Canopy 2: 18 oz. Silnylon
  • Canopy 1: 7.5 oz. .51 Cuben
  • Canopy 2: 8.5 oz. .51 Cuben
  • Canopy 1: 9.5 oz. .74 Cuben
  • Canopy 2: 11 oz. .74 Cuben

  • Additional Photos

    canopy tent 1 dimensions
    Canopy 1 Dimensions

    canopy tent
    Front View

    canopy tent
    Front View

    canopy tent
    Alternate Setup

    canopy tent 2 dimensions
    Canopy 2 Dimensions

    canopy tent
    Optional Permanent Front Zipper Vestibule

    canopy tent
    Optional Clipped-In Vestibule

    canopy tent
    Optional Set Up/Inner Tent

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