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Walled Net Tents
1, 1.5, and 2 Person

walled net tent

Walled Net Tent Set Up Video

Walled Net Tent With Canopy Tent Video
Walled Net Tent 30D Sil Floor
Optional Floor Material
Walled Net Additions

The Walled-Net Tents were designed to fit under A frame type of tents and tarps. They are available in 1, 1.5, and 2 person models. It has a 2.5" high bathtub made from either 30d silnylon (standard), 70d silnylon, .74 oz Cuben Fiber or 1.25 oz Cuben Fiber.

For extreme weather conditions, the Walled Net Tents can be modified with silnylon or .51 oz cuben fiber up the ends/sides (optional 8" side extensions) or you can have the ends completely replaced with silnylon or cuben fiber. With the optional 8" side extensions, you get about a 10 to 11 " bathtub floor. Normal height of optional extensions is 8" above the bathtub floor, but it can be made with higher or lower extensions. Rolled back rain covers are also available for the front and rear ends. You can have your choice of many different zipper arrangements. You can also add additional doors for different setup requirements.

We also offer a sloped ridgeline model to fit under sloping tarps and tents like our La Garita and Canopy tents. We can also do custom heights and widths (just contact us.) The bathtub floor uses line loc 3 on the upper portion of the floor and webbing on the lower to form a floating floor. Cordage and stuff sack are included.

See Dimension Drawings in Additional Photos

Approximate Weights:

  • Net 1 30D Silnylon: 11 oz
  • Net 1 70D Silnylon: 13 oz
  • Net 1.5 30D Silnylon: 13 oz
  • Net 1.5 70D Silnylon: 18 oz
  • Net 2 30D Silnylon: 16 oz
  • Net 2 70D Silnylon: 20 oz

  • Additional Photos

    walled net stardard dimensions
    Walled Net Standard Dimensions

    walled net
    Walled Net Tent Standard

    walled net
    Walled Net Tent

    walled net
    Cuben Front/Rear and Cuben 8" Side Extensions

    walled net
    Rain Covers Rolled Back, Optional 8" Side Extensions, and Full Right and Left Zippers

    walled net sloped dimensions
    Walled Net Sloped Dimensions

    walled net
    Walled Net Tent Sloped

    walled net
    Inside Canopy 2 and Optional 8" Cuben Side Extensions

    walled net
    Rain Covers, Optional 8" Side Extensions, and Full Right Zipper

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