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Canopy 2 Net /
And Shangri La 2 Net

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Canopy 2 Net

Canopy 2 Net
Canopy 2 Net Additions

Shangri La 2 Net

Shangri La 2 Net
Shangri La 2 Net Additions


We offer a custom 2 person net designed for our Canopy 2 tent and the Golite's Shangri La 2 tent. It is available with different zipper arrangements and floor materials (silnylon or cuben fiber). Optional rear and front weather protection can be added either in silnylon or cuben fiber. It has a 2.5" high bathtub made from either 30d silnylon, 70d silnylon, .74 oz Cuben Fiber or 1.25 oz Cuben Fiber. You can have your choice of different zipper arrangements.

The front peak hangs from the front pole of the tent and the rear pole goes inside the net tent and supports the canopy 2 or Shangri La rear peak. The floor has a drawstring seal to prevent water coming inside the net tent.

You can also have optional 8"side/ends extensions in either silnylon or cuben fiber for superior weather protection. Cordage and stuff sack are included.

See Dimension Drawings in Additional Photos

Approximate Weights:
  • Standard 30d silnylon: 16 oz.
  • Standard 70d silnylon: 20 oz.
  • Standard .74 oz cuben: 12 oz.
  • Standard 1.25 oz cuben: 15 oz.

  • Additional Photos

    canopy 2 net dimensions
    Canopy 2/ Shangri La 2 Net Dimensions

    canopy 2 net
    Canopy 2/ Shangri La 2 Net Side View

    canopy 2 net
    Canopy 2/ Shangri La 2 Net Side/Front View

    canopy 2 net
    Canopy 2/ Shangri La 2 Net Front View

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