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Bug Bivy
Standard, Large, and XLarge

bug bivies
Bug Bivy Set Up Video

Bug Bivy

The Bug Bivy is a lightweight and compact alternative for complete bug protection either under the stars or under many different tarps and tents. It comes in three sizes: Standard, Large, and X Large. The standard size is fine for a child or small person; the large, a normal size adult; the X large, a large person or an adult with a child. The head has a shock-corded Easton alumimun pole that keeps the noseeum away from the face. It has a 2.5" high bathtub made from either 30d or 70d silnylon. The zipper starts midway down one side, goes across the head, and then continues midway down the other side. The bivy uses three stakes to set up. Cordage and stuff sack are included.

We can also modify the foot area with silnylon or ripstop. contact us for more information.

See Dimension Drawing in Additional Photos

Approximate Weight (Size: Silnylon 30d/70d)
  • Standard : 13/14 oz.
  • Large: 15/18 oz.
  • XLarge: 21/26 oz.

  • Additional Photos

    bug bivy dimensions
    Bug Bivy Dimensions

    bug bivy dimensions
    Bug Bivy

    bug bivy dimensions
    Bug Bivy

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