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Poncho/Bathtub Combination

poncho/bathtub floor

Cuben Poncho/Bathtub
Silnylon Poncho/Bathtub

The poncho/bathtub combination serves as a poncho on the trail and as a full bathtub floor at night. It is available in 3 cuben fiber weights (1.25oz, .74oz, and .51oz) and in 30D silnylon. If you have a size that you need that is not shown in our standard pricing, you can contact us either through email or phone (970-444-2793).

  • Standard 30" x 42" x 30" x 86"L
  • Custom sizes available

  • Approximate Weights:
  • 1.25 oz cuben : 6.5 oz
  • .74 oz cuben : 4 oz
  • .51 oz cuben : 3 oz
  • 1.35 oz silnylon : 8 oz

  • Additional Photos

    poncho bathtub
    Front View

    poncho bathtub
    Floor Setup

    poncho bathtub
    Side View

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