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Silnylon Bathtub Floor Sq/Rect
Floor Material
Cuben Bathtub Floor Sq/Rect
Floor Material

The bathtub floors come in many standard square and rectangular floor sizes. However, we can make about any size you need. The standard floor material is 70D (2.3 oz) silnylon or 30D (1.35 oz) silnylon. We can also make any size in .51 oz, or .74 oz or 1.25 oz Cuben Fiber. If you have a size that you need that is not shown in our standard pricing, you can contact us either through email or phone (970-444-2793).

All floors come with supports at each corner. The standard bathtub height is 3", but additional heights can be made. The corners have adjustable shockcorded tie outs. Corners can be clipped to tent corner ties or staked out.

When the floor is made for 2 or more people, we can add the thru-floor-pole seal to the floor free of charge. However, you need to tell us the location either in the comments section of the shopping cart or email with the location. Otherwise, we will place it in the center of the floor. If you don't choose the thru-floor-pole seal then we won't add it.

Example Approximate Weights:
  • 30"x90" x 70D: 10 oz
  • 30"x90" x 30D: 6 oz
  • 50"x90" x 70D: 13 oz
  • 50"x90" x 30D: 8 oz
  • 94"x94" x 70D: 22 oz
  • 94"x94" x 30D: 14 oz

  • Additional Photos

    bathtub floor corner
    Bathtub Corner Support

    bathtub floor seal
    Optional Floor Seal

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